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About Kristin "Kri Kri" Nelson

Born in Seattle, Washington, Kristin Nelson spent her childhood creating miniature drawings, acquiring the fine manual dexterity and imagination she would later apply to her art.

After high school, she studied textiles in Sweden. Returning a year later to the University of Washington, Kristin soon found her true calling in the tactile world of ceramics and graduated with a degree in ceramic sculpture.

Success followed with her series of life-size figurative ceramic sculptures, showing at Seattle’s Greg Kucera Gallery.

She moved to Montreal; inspired by the city’s ornate architecture and wrought ironwork, Kristin began handcrafting small bowls, cups, plates and vases embellished with fine black lines. Interest in her fanciful ‘Kri Kri’ tableware grew steadily, particularly from New York boutiques.

Settled once more in Seattle, she received a request from Barneys New York, who then placed regular orders for nearly 15 years. Barneys in Japan was a dedicated customer for many years.

At first creating at home, demand for her ceramics became so great that Kristin opened a separate studio where she continues to work year-round producing her recognizable, cheerfully colored dishes. She is currently focusing on VIT ceramics, simple and modern with a Scandinavian sensibility.

Many years after the opening of Kri Kri Studio, Kristin shows passion for her artwork, and is inspired by the notion that people use her dishes to share food with family and friends. In complex artistic expression, Kristin’s designs reflect her appreciation of the outdoors and love of movement.

Between rounds of firing up her kilns, she joins her husband, Nigel Foster, teaching kayaking around the globe.
Read about their 675 mile journey in Labrador where Kristin and Nigel encountered Polar bears and camped on Inuit grave sites in Nigel's book, "Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador".
Fascinated by other cultures and languages, Kristin enjoys dabbling in the languages of the countries she travels to, learning at least enough to assist in kayak instruction. She speaks creative French and is fluent in Swedish. Always looking for new ideas to bring to the table, she savors these opportunities abroad and enjoying the challenge of keeping her work fresh!

As you browse the products you'll find hints of her inspiration in images from places she has traveled. You will also find more on her Blogspot and  Wordpress Please enjoy!