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More about the product...

Care Instructions....

Though KRI KRI and VIT ceramics are surprisingly strong, take care and treat them gently. If you do, they will last a long time.

The dishes are dishwasher safe. Just position them securely in the machine so that they won't knock against anything else and chip.

Microwave? Some people do, but others find quirky things happen... like the handles heating up, so  microwaving is not recommend.

Freezing? Not recommended. Moisture absorbed in the clay may expand and contract and cause cracking. Do not subject them to extreme temperature changes.

If I break a favorite piece, can I get an identical replacement? Sadly, no! Every piece is hand finished and decorated, glaze colors vary and are sometimes discontinued, styles change and some items become discontinued. However, just like with pets, you may find a new special love even if its not exactly the same as the last one.

Need something special? I may be able to help. I do make special orders... like the batch of small heart plates specially marked for wedding guests, or those special-ordered table settings all in shades of blue. Discuss your ideas with me!